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Recent raids by Periphery pirates have devastated the planet Bryceland, and the world's ruler seems powerless to stop these marauders. Fearful and furious, Bryceland's citizens talk of revolution, while forces behind the scenes plot a military coup. Only one woman can keep Bryceland from succumbing to civil war: Samantha Davion-Harland, beloved daughter of Bryceland's duke. But the pirates abducted Samantha in their latest raid, taking her somewhere deep in the Periphery. The duke engages your band of mercs to rescue his daughter. The leaders of the coup will do anything to keep you from succeeding.

Royalty and Rogues is a roleplaying adventure for use with MechWarrior, Second Edition. Set in the BattleTech universe of 3056, the adventure sends the mercenary player characters on a dangerous mission to rescue a noble and uncover a deadly conspiracy. The adventure includes information on the world of Antallos and its largest city-state, Port Krin, one of the foulest pits of corruption in the Periphery

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