Monthly Pre-Orders


  Due to the nature of monthly pre-orders not shipping for approx. 6 to 12 weeks from time of order, the procedure for processing your pre-order is handled a little different than ordering off the web site.  You will need to contact the store first to setup an account for pre-orders. To open an account for pre-orders we will need to have a credit card on file so your items can be billed for when they arrive. For items costing over $100.00 we may at our discretion require a deposit of 25% (we will let you know in advance if this is the case). If you have any questions or concerns about placing a pre-order just give us a call at 807-344-8774



   How to Place a Pre-Order

Contact the store to open an account for placing pre-orders (you will only ever have to do this once).

Place order for items from the Pre-Orders section of the web site (do not mix with items from the Current Stock section of the web site).

When you are ready to checkout, select "Pickup in Store - Free!" as your shipping method and "Charge to my account" as your payment method. Just under charge to my account you will see your current balance. This is the amount of available credit you have (everyone starts with $500.00). If your pre-order is for more than your available credit you will have to contact us to have the amount increased.

New product arrives every Wednesday. Customers with items arriving for them will be sent an email updating them the items that came in for them.

Payment for pre-order items will be processed as items arrive.

Shipment for items can be made at any time the customer requests, or at the time your last pre-order item arrives. Customers placing monthly pre-orders can arrange to have their items shipped bi-weekly or monthly, just let us know which frequency you prefer.


Thank you in advance for your business

Rob Quinn