THOR (1962) #296 FN


The Eternals Saga: Part 15 of 20 - Cover by Keith Pollard. The Valkyrie guest stars in "From Valhalla - A Valkyrie!", script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Keith Pollard (breakdowns), and Chic Stone (finished art), inks by Chic Stone (pages 1-16, 19-22) and Marie Severin (pages 17, 23-31, uncredited); The Eye of Odin continues to tell its tale to Thor; He sees a version of himself, but apparently mortal, fighting against a storm, until he sees a dwelling and seeks shelter within; A woman gets him some water when her husband comes home, and offers him his hospitality; Hunding asks for his story and this mortal Thor tells him his name is Woe-King, he had a twin sister and their father's name was Wulf; They had returned home one day to find his mother dead and his sister gone, apparently killed by their enemies, the Neidings. He has since wandered, until he recently came across a clan forcing a woman into a marriage she didn't want; He managed to slay them, but during the fray, the woman is accidentally killed. Bullpen Bulletins. "The Trap" Hostess snack cakes ad with Spider-Man. 36 pgs., full color. $0.40.

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