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1st Appearance of The Fatal Five; Versus Fatal Five; Versus Tharok; Versus Validus; Versus Emerald Empress; Versus Mano; Versus Persuader; Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes; 1st Appearance of the Fatal Five; 1st Appearance of Tharok (Fatal Five); 1st Appearance of Emerald Empress (Sarya/Fatal Five); 1st Appearance of Mano (Fatal Five); 1st Appearance of Persuader (Fatal Five); 1st Appearance of Validus (Garridan Ranzz/Fatal Five); Origin of Tharok (Fatal Five); Origin of Mano (Fatal Five); Origin of the Fatal Five; Origin of Emerald Empress (Sarya/Fatal Five); Versus the Fatal Five; Versus the Sun-Eater; LSH story continued in Adventure Comics #353 (Feb 1967); Irene Vartanoff L.O.C.; Legion; Time travel

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