FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #218 VG-


Spider-Man helps the FF battle the Frightful Four in "When a Spider-Man Comes Calling!" Script by Bill Mantlo. Art by John Byrne (breakdowns) and Joe Sinnott (finishes). Cover by Al Milgrom and Joe Sinnott. Story continues from Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man 42. The Frightful Four have successfully captured Spider-Man, and now they have set their sights on the Fantastic Four! It's a terrific action issue as the Wizard, Trapster, Sandman, and Electro invade the Baxter Building and battle the FF! (Notes: The letters page includes a half-page pin-up of the Fantastic Four by Joe Sinnott. The FF cover logo returns to the silver age style. This issue was reprinted in 2005 in the trade paperback "Fantastic Four Spider-Man Classic.") 32 pages Cover price $0.40.

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