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by Hideyuki Kikuchi Tsubasa and Hikaru are on a school camping trip. At first they have fun trading stories about who they like in class, but when a Magure shows up on the scene, the two merge to become Figure 17 and take off on a hoverbike! Meanwhile, some backup from DD's home planet arrives, in the form of a shapely female named Ordina. The four team up and start making short work of the Magure...but when Hikaru gets injured in battle, Tsukasa has doubts about just how long she can go on fighting. The rift between Tsubasa and Hikaru widens as Tsubasa loses the boy she cared for, and accuses Hikaru of not understanding because she isn't human. Things really get shaking when Ordina reveals that Hikaru is like no Rivelus she's ever seen ¾ and if they go back to their home world, Hikaru will probably be made into a test subject! What' s more, Tsubasa's dad announces that he wants to return to Tokyo! What will happen to Tsuabasa and Hikaru?!

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