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Huin Chang and Mina have known each other since they were kids, growing up like brother and sister. Chang has always been Mina's protector. But as the story of the mysterious biomechanical viruses inside their brains continues to develop, one begins to wonder if the two might be together for a greater purpose. It could be the world hanging in the balance. Maybe it's a secret weapon, the likes of which could topple the power structure of our planet's body politic. These facts have yet to see light. Until then, the street fights and frantic fracases continue, through malls and subways, on sidewalks and staircases. It's action at its most stylish, and purely of Korean creation. One of the titles in Dark Horse Comic's new Manhwa line of Korean, manga-style trade-paperbacks, XS Hybrid is an exciting new series with frenetic chases, charming characters, and futuristic risks!

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