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If there is one surety in the Time of Tumult, it is that there will be war. As nation struggles against nation, as the deathknights ride forth from the shadowlands, as the Realm slips closer and closer to civil war, as the Solars return to reclaim the Mandate of Heaven, wars engulf Creation. And if you’re going to fight a war, fight to win. From the frozen steppes of the North to the burning wastes of the South, from the mysterious forests of the East to the savage islands of the West, from all four corners of the world to the heart of Creation, master the combat styles of all nations and wield them against your foes on the field of battle. The tools to do so are contained within. This book does the following: * Details the way Creation’s great nations conduct wars * Features many new rules for use in mass combat * Provides an array of siege weaponry, naval craft and engines of war for use in any Exalted series Scroll of Kings is a supplement for Exalted Second Edition.

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