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Ruins of the Dragon Kings They teem with terrible predatory lizards, poisonous plants and hobgoblins. Yet men come to the ruins of Rathess, the last, great city of the Dragon-Kings, to hunt among its tumbled towers for trinkets of power. This is the fallen capital of a race of god-lizards that were old when man was young. To those who can uncover its secrets, Rathess is a fortress and a treasure trove. To those who cannot, it is a tomb. Relics of the Time Before Man Ruins of Rathess contains information about the crumbling capital of the Dragon Kings, and the hazards that travelers to that forbidden city face. It is both an adventure reference for Storytellers and a setting resource for players. Rathess is a deadly place, its menace offset only by the vast rewards that await those who survive it. Can even the Exalted dare these jungle ruins?

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