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Brotherhood of Wolves Channel the primal anger of the Lodge of Wrath. Delve into the forbidden lore held by the Lodge of Death. Howl down the thunder with the Lodge of Lightning. Bare your fangs against the twisted scions of the Lodge of Worms. Power and wisdom are there for the taking, for those willing to undertake the rite of passage - and pay the price. A character book for Werewolf: The Forsaken * The higher initiations of werewolf culture; the exclusive brotherhoods that grant added power in exchange for oaths of loyalty. * New lodge-specific Gifts, rites and other advantages. * Variable power levels among lodges and design-your-own rules for maximum flexibility. * Setting information on each lodge makes it easy to include the ones you want in your chronicle. This book includes: • 34 lodges for players to aspire to, join or oppose • New Gifts, rites, fetishes and Merits for the initiated elite, and sample characters to act as mentors, allies or enemies • Guidelines for creating new lodges, from the Storyteller’s perspective and as an in-game character goal Hard Cover, Page Count 144

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