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by Josh Blaylock & Clint Hilinski Meet Alyssa, from Realm 77, a hi-tech utopia where those who question authority aren't treated kindly. Even stranger, the only person who does question it is Alyssa. Ostracized from her peers since childhood, and subjected to numerous medical tests by the mysterious ELDERS, Alyssa grows more and more intolerant of the Realm. When its discovered she's developing incredible powers, Alyssa escapes to Earth to live a normal life in a small college town, but the Elders won't allow it. It's only when she's forced to return to the realm that her powers truly manifest. All she wanted to do was hang out, go to some clubs and be 'normal'... but that's not Alyssa's destiny. This collects the 4 issue story arc by Josh Blaylock, in a 144 page black and white digest format, and includes an all new 8 page story, production art, and more!?

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