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Just when you think you know everything about the World. The Scions of the Irish, Chinese and Hindu gods make their mark on the World. New Boons, Knacks and Birthrights increase the Scions’ arsenal in the war against the Titans. More allies and more enemies enter the fray, which can change the course of the conflict. The war can also extend back further in time, adding a new layer to one of the greatest conflicts in the history of the World. The Scion Companion will help you to create new epics, new legends and new divinities. A resource book for Scion, containing: Three new pantheons: The Tuatha Dé Dannan, the Celestial Bureaucracy and the Devas. New Boons, Knacks and Birthrights for Scions. New Storyteller advice and antagonists to use in your cycle. “The World at War,” a new background for playing Scion in World War II.

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