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Billy Tyler is a bad man. He takes what he wants, and kills whom he dang well pleases. He didn’t count on no trouble when he set up the murder of Dazii—the Apache Kid. But now he’s got trouble, in the form of Johnny Bart, the Rawhide Kid. Bart tracked down Billy Tyler, only to see another hunter gun him down in a fair fight. The other hunter is the new Apache Kid, wife of the murdered Dazii. Since Billy’s daddy done owned most of that part of the west, he sends his meanest hombre, Col. Trask, to track and kill Rawhide and Apache. But they didn’t count on Rawhide’s wild trickery, or on help from his ally Eustace Grimes, a veteran of the Railroad Wars. The race is on to see which side can outplay, outwit, and outgun the other. This sequel to Ostrander and Manco’s Blaze of Glory is tough as leather, drawn good and is a mighty fine read. Includes issues #1 to #4

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