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by Grant Morrison; art & cover by Frank Quitely The JLA faces its evil counterparts from a parallel world in the first-ever original JLA hardcover. They are Earth's most powerful super-team ? infallible, undefeatable, unstoppable! They are... the Crime Syndicate of Amerika! The mightiest super-villains ever assembled ? Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick ? the CSA wages a never-ending battle for deceit, injustice, and the preservation of the near-total evil of their world. But when their arch-enemy, the infamously good-hearted Alexander Luthor, discovers a parallel world he dubs "Earth 2," it begins an adventure of staggering, unpredictable proportions in JLA: Earth 2, the first-ever original JLA hardcover graphic novel! Pitting the World's Greatest Super-Heroes against their dark opposites, JLA: Earth 2 is a powerful tale of good versus evil, told by two master storytellers producing the best work of their careers. Updating one of JLA's Grant Morrison's favorite Silver Age stories ? "Crisis on Earth-Three" (from Justice League of America #29-30) for today's continuity, JLA: Earth 2 is written by Morrison (Batman: Arkham Asylum, Dc One Million), with art and dustjacket illustration (featuring a matte-gloss enhancement) by the incomparable Frank Quitely (The Kingdom: Offspring, Batman: The Scottish Connection). In JLA: Earth 2, the League must confront its evil mirror-image from an anti-matter universe; a cruel world where James Gordon is the criminal boss of Gotham City, where Benedict Arnold's face adorns the dollar bill and where the brilliant Luthor is the only hero left. The battle-scarred Luthor crosses the dimensional barrier to seek the Justice League's help in fighting the Crime Syndicate, sparking a battle that will long be remembered as the JLA's finest hour.

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